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Placement Services


When you’re looking to fill an IT position, there are a lot of things you must take into account. These include the time-frame behind the contract, the specific expertise you’re looking for, the workplace logistics and etc.

We at Celoris Tech take all of that into account when we’re scouting for your future IT talents. Our experienced team of recruiters guarantees that we will find the right professional for your position. We’ll help you fill your IT positions quickly and efficiently, in a manner that is mutually beneficial to you and the IT professional.

We work one-on-one with hiring managers and talent scouts to guarantee that your IT staffing goals are perfectly aligned with the goals of the IT professional we recruit for your position.

By providing your business with robust workforce solutions, we help you cut costs, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage. 


Fully managed, legally compliant, multi-level solutions across all IT sectors.
We extend beyond regular staffing. We provide a tailor-made outsourcing solution that takes into account all aspects of human capital management – payroll, HR, employee benefits and training, and so on.

We love working with hardworking people who are committed to developing their skills, and that’s precisely the type of talent we offer our clients.

This includes:

  • Temporary employment services
  • Permanent placement recruitment
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Account Management
  • Consultation Services
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